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Meet Christina Deering: Shaman & Business Intuitive

Christina Deering helps spiritual entrepreneurs make 6+ figures doing what they love. Best known for clearing more limiting beliefs and trauma in a single session than decades of therapy.

Host of the top 10% podcast worldwide "You Unlimited," Christina is a leader in wealth energetics, emotional mastery, and unlocking spiritual gifts. Featured in Forbes and Goss Manifest Magazine, she inspires audiences worldwide to create impactful, soul-aligned legacies.

Wealth & Wellness Portals

Step into a realm of profound transformation. Explore tailored 1:1 experiences, exclusive membership opportunities, and transformative programs designed to unlock your spiritual gifts and achieve financial success.

You Unlimited: 1:1 Healing & Mentorship

Make 6+ figures living your purpose as a spiritual entrepreneur, healer, or lightworker. Enhance your spiritual gifts, impact humanity, and create the soul-aligned legacy you came here to create with the deepest, most effective healing modalities on the planet for permanent results!

Ignite: Prosper with Purpose Membership

For spiritual entrepreneurs looking to scale their business, unlock their spiritual gifts, and make money doing what they love. Heal what's in the way, master your emotions, and embody wealth energetics.

Gifted: Unlock Your Spiritual Gifts for Financial Success

The GIFTED program is your key to exploring and enhancing your unique spiritual gifts to impact the planet and call in abundance.

The Abundance Code: Unlocking the Secrets to Wealth Through Shamanic Healing

The Abundance Code program offers a revolutionary approach to achieving wealth through ancient shamanic practices. Recode your life for infinite abundance.

Emotional Mastery: Clear Your Path, Claim Your Freedom

The Emotional Mastery program is your guide to understanding, navigating, and mastering your emotions for a truly liberated life. Heal everything that's in the way of what you want, clearing the path to your ultimate desires.

You Unlimited Podcast

Join the top 10% podcast worldwide and create your most unlimited life. Each week, we dive deep with entrepreneurs and trailblazers making 6, 7, and 8 figures doing what they love.

Discover their secrets to success, with insights they haven’t shared anywhere else. This is your insider scoop on breaking through limitations and achieving wild success. Leave each episode with inspiration and tangible steps to create your most abundant, soul-aligned life

Client Success Stories

Caley Rose

Billboard Charting Singer and Songwriter

“I came to Christina specifically to work on my money mindset… 1 month after I started working with her I had my highest grossing month in my new business that was only 9 months old… a $10,000 month.. Now I’m crying happy tears because I’m going to be making over $40,000 in one month!”

Brenda Lee

Host of Yes, You Can Have it All Podcast

“Christina has been the best investment of my life. Like the best by far.. She’s the prayer I was asking for and didn’t know what form it would come in.. She’s the person that was guiding me to my next level and my highest timeline.. There’s no way I’m leaving Christina, she’s too good.. Do this for yourself, because she’s going to completely change your world, upside down, in the most amazing way.”

Vanessa Farrior

Licensed Therapist and Breathwork Facilitator

“My life has changed so much throughout this process.. I have gone all in on my private practice. I just love working with Christina because she empowers me to see my worth, my truth and trust my intuition. I just love her so much. I would recommend her to anyone who’s in transition and looking to make a positive change in their life.”

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